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    The notion of learning, like our comprehension of cities, is undergoing a massive transition. Future+ is leading on both fronts.

    .Grounded | Global – We are rooted in dynamic Shenzhen with an eye to world development realities.

    .Independent | Interconnected – We are self-reliant while constantly seeking/maintaining strong collaborations.

    .Information | Action – We develop our knowledge networks while actively seeking to change our city.

    .Multidisciplinary > Provocateur – We work with our fellow spatial practitioners to form a direct relationship with our client – society.

    .Sustainable > Generative – We pursue methodologies that move beyond merely maintaining the world around us, but instead strive to nourish it.

    . Current < Past > Future – We are pushing on the current edge, with an awareness to what has past, looking to shape the future.




    Our flexible model encourages participants to freely collaborate in an education experiment. The methodology requires self-discipline and leadership in order to develop human capital. The learning process takes place for all experience levels, forming a nonhierarchical knowledge exchange.

    The academy engages in real projects, with a research base, that lead to fresh futures. Practitioners are given a space to search for open questions, techniques and outcomes. This allows us to offer an alternative consultancy model to engage with social and spatial development.

    The goal is to both obtain and dispense and open library of knowledge,methods, and models for to better our surroundings both near and far. We do this through publications, events, exhibitions, and project execution. We seek to actively engage in the ultimate archive for dispensing/gaining knowledge – our cocreated built society.



    The PRD is at the center of a circle that has more people living within it than external of it. It also includes 9 of the 10 busiest ports in the world. And Shenzhen functions as China's maritime infrastructural gateway to the globe.


    We are an Academy for urbanism/landscape/public.art in Shenzhen, China.


    A city that transitioned from fishing villages to 20+ million inhabitants in a generation.That is now the central hub of the PRD, the largest metropolitan region in world.In the most talked about development model, economy, and country globally.At the center SE Asia, home to half of the world population and developing nations.


    In a place both known as `the factory of the world' and the `Silicon Valley of Asia'.Amidst the Pearl River Delta's rapidly changing water, air, soil,and habitat networks...tied into the largest port, rail, and overall infrastructural systems ever known.In an area dominated by immigrants, in search of new cultural legacies...



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