• Courses 2017

    Tutor: Wanyu He

    Find out the key parameter of Shenzhen, review with few measurements, analysis those parameters and create a model with those parameters for further urban application or modification.


    Tutors: Katrine Hesseldahland, Victor Strimfors

    It's a part of the HelloShenzhen project. Every participants from all walks of life were able to design and build their own chair. This is an experiment for the process of sustainable funiture facing their customers.

    Tutors:Jason Hilgefort, David Li

    The workshop focused on initial research in the village - speaking to local citizens, understanding local skills, being aware of building and spatial realities. And how the connections to the new online open source initiatives such as POC21, Wikihouse and other similar initiatives would benefit the development of rural development.

    Tutor: Joseph Grima、Martina Muzi

    Nowadays,recording both audio and videos and mapping urban spaces are actions which everybody has access to. Documentour surrounding and our relation with space became an everyday activity sometimes not being aware of its potential.


    Tutor: Jason Hilgefort, David Li

    Most of the cities on the Fab City initiatives are at the initial stage of building up the infrastructures of productions in the cities. Shenzhen has not yet undergone this full removal of productions in the cities. And simultaneously, the tech, maker, and bottom up creative industries are thriving in the city. Shenzhen can serve as a live experimenting ground for these contemporary notions of urban production.

  • Courses 2016

    Tutors:He Wanyu/Zhang Xing/Wu Wenyuan/Duan Peng/Feng Guochuan/Lin Da/Li Jinkui/Yang Qian

    Intro: leaving a path for people who live in Hubei Village.

    Tutors:Li Yifan, Lu Jun

    Intro: documentary creation courses about urban villages

    Tutors:Travis Bunt、Jason Hilgefort、Lam Tat

    Intro: Workshop researched several villages each representing pre, current, and post development. The focus is placed on researching more sustainable models of rural development.


    Tutors:Huang Weiwen、Jason Hilgefort

    Intro: an workshop discussed activation ways for Dapeng Fortress

    Tutors:Jason, Umberto, Alberto

    Intro: research workshops about solutions for public transport and space problems

    Tutors:Steinmuller,JunginKim,Pnina Avidar,Jason Hilgefort

    Intro: a workshop to discuss how to improve the waterfront space of Maozhou River

    Tutors:Huang Weiwen、Jason Hilgefort

    Intro: a workshop to discuss the development possibility for Guangming Town, Shenzhen

    Tutors:Huang Weiwen、Jason Hilgefort、Liu Lei

    Intro: Taking Shennan Road Lo Wu section as an instance to discuss public space design

  • Courses 2015

    Tutors:Marco Ginoulhiac

    Intro: a workshop teaching students how to creat toy models


    Intro: a VR project origined from Gangxia Rashmom

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