答疑补遗 1 |大鹏公共事务中心(暂定名)概念方案设计竞赛


Competition for Conceptual Design of Dapeng Public Affairs Center (tentative name)


Supplementary and Q&A Document (1)


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Supplementary Part

  • 场地航拍成果

Supplement aerial photos and video of the site.

  • 法定图则

Statutory plan.

  • 场地红线与蓝线叠加图

Overlay of the red line and blue line of the venue


Remarks: There are underground water pipelines on the east side of the site, and above-ground and underground buildings are not allowed to invade. For the specific location, please refer to (3) Overlay of the red and blue line of the venue.




Part 1: Commercial Part


My question relates to the Article 3.3 on page 11 of Competition Document for Brief Scheme Stage–can the sponsor make separate payment to each joint group and will it consider signing technology import contract with the overseas company of joint groups as well as Shanghai International Bidding Co., Ltd. to address the tax administration?


Reply: The sponsor will not consider signing any technology import contract. Instead, the joint group can apply a bank account in China to receive the rewards (tax-inclusive)


2. In relation to article 6.2.3 on page 24 of the Competition Document for Brief Scheme Stage, it’s suggested that upon paying the rewards and compensations to the shortlisted joint groups, the sponsor shall obtain the exclusivity to the scheme, and the unsuccessful bid shall not be used at subsequent stages.


Reply: The detailed rules shall be subject to the competition documents. The host shall be entitled to use the shortlisted schemes(for example, publicity and publication) once the rewards and compensations are paid, but will further discuss with the bid owner beforehand.


3. Regarding the Brief Scheme Submission Stage Competition Document page 26, Article 6.6.2, Suggested amendments are as follows: if the host announces the cancellation or suspension of the competition after the announcement of the finalists of the joint team before the bonus is issued, the host should pay the corresponding compensation fee according to the actual workload of the joint team for participating in the competition.


Reply: The specific competition rules and competition bonuses shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Brief Scheme Submission Stage Competition Document.


4. Regarding the note on page 32 of Annex 1, will the host consider allowing the shortlisted joint team to replace their designers if they experience special circumstances such as death, injury, accident, resignation, etc.?


Reply: Cannot be replaced. Except for force majeure.


5. The article 3 on page 10 of Annex 1 shall be modified into: the leading design unit of the joint group shall be responsible for the liaison and document submission of the project; and on behalf of all members of the joint group, the leading design unit shall submit and sign related documents; the commitment in the documents submitted for the competition by the leading design unit of the joint group represents the intention of members of the joint group. To avoid ambiguity, the decision-related documents of the project shall come into effect after being sealed by members of the joint group. The leading design unit of the joint group shall act or make commitments on behalf of the joint group after reaching an agreement between the Parties of joint group.


Reply: Considering the pandemic implications and to make it easier for the overseas members, only the joint group agreement is required to be signed by the members of the joint group, and other documents shall be authorized to be sealed by the leading design unit.


6. The statement on page 16 shall be modified to: the power of attorney hereby declares that , I (name), the legal representative of (the name of the design unit), authorizes (name and position) of (the name of the design unit) to be my entrusted agent to handle the conceptual proposal design documents in the competition for Dapeng Public Affairs Center (tentative name). I acknowledge that the agent shall handle the documents on my behalf. To avoid ambiguity, the related contracts and decision-related documents of the project shall come into effect after being sealed by the members of the joint group.


Reply: It shall be filled in line with the competition documents.


7. Regarding the content on page 43 of Annex 1, we think it should be modified into: Competition Documents for Brief Scheme Stage, Bidding Confirmation Letter and Notice of Award from your side and the competition documents submitted by us shall be constituting parts of the contract to bind upon both Parties before signing and enforcing the official agreement.


Reply: It shall be filled in line with the competition documents.


8. Can the content of the Brief Scheme Submission Stage Competition Document be expressed in Chinese only.


Reply: Must not. It should be written in Chinese and English, and the Chinese version shall prevail.


9. Regarding “2 Joint Team Agreement”, “5 Power of Attorney of Legal Representative”, “14 Letter of Attorney”, our judicial affairs made minor amendments such as attached documents to satisfy our company’s requirements. Please confirm the approval requirements.


Reply: Please fill in according to the requirements of the competition document.


10. The competition agenda is currently in a tentative state. When can it be confirmed?


Reply: The competition agenda is temporarily subject to the competition announcement. If the time is changed, a supplement will be notified in advance in the competition announcement.


11. The deadline for competition registration is not mentioned in the document. When can it be determined?


Reply: According to the time node of the competition documents, the deadline for competition registration and document submission is April 13 (before 17:00). If the time is changed, a supplement will be notified in the competition announcement.


Part 2: Technical Part


Regarding page 66 of Annex II-Annex (1), where is the land use information map in cad format provided?


Reply: For details, please refer to the official announcement download page on the FuturePlus official website:

提取码 Password: 8he5


2. Regarding Annex II, page 17-2.2(2), whether there can be some connecting corridor above the 12-24 meter wide line of sight corridor?


Reply: There can be some connecting corridors, but it is necessary to ensure that the sight lines of the visual corridors are transparent. The façade of the corridor shall not exceed a quarter of the cross-sectional area of the corridor in the sight line of the building.


3. Regarding attached figures 1-4 on page 6 of Annex II, is there a larger range of statutory plans to provide, and whether there is a general plan of the city design, and information on the height limit of the surrounding buildings of the site?


Reply: Please refer to the attached figure below for specific content.


4. Regarding page 24 of Annex 2, do the archives have any special storage requirements? Are there any special streamline requirements for the public security command center and the traffic police brigade barracks?


Reply: For the specific requirements at this stage, please refer to 4. Design content and requirements in the design task book of the short-listed project stage in Annex 2. The internal traffic flow line of the public security command center is not open to the outside, and the external window business implements the personnel traffic flow line outside the compound.


5. As described on page 10 of Annex 2, Jinling Road in the south of the base is a main road. So is it any requirement for the number and spacing of exits and entrances for vehicles near the main road?


Reply:It is suggested to have 3 exits and entrances for vehicles in the south of the main road, and details can be found in Figure 2-3 Traffic Flowline in Annex 2, Design Brief at Brief Scheme Stage The spacing of the exits and entrances shall meet the related specifications.


6. Regarding page 13 of Annex 2, can we plan the types of buildings allowed to be constructed in the orange line of the gas pipeline in the affected area; can the affected area be used as a training ground, sports field, ground parking and other venue design?


Reply: For details, please refer to the Competition Design Brief at the Brief Proposal Submission Stage in Annex 2. training grounds, sports fields, ground parking, etc. can be considered.


7. In regard to the page 16 of Annex 2, I want to know what should be the building setback for the building-prohibited zone north of the base and the areas circled in orange?


Reply: No.


8. On page 18 of Annex 2, may I ask if there is a garbage transfer station in the southeast corner of the satellite map, do I need to keep it?


Reply: The current garbage transfer station in the southeast corner of the base is planned to be demolished. In this design, the garbage transfer station needs to be rebuilt, requiring a land area of 600 square meters and a building scale of 480 square meters.


9. On page 18 of Annex 2, there is an arcade corridor along Jinling Road in the guide map. Are there any planning requirements for arcade corridors?


Reply: There is a planning requirement to be along the arcade corridor, which can serve as a sunshade and rain shelter. The specific design of the arcade corridor can be freely designed by the participating teams.


10. Are there any recreational and sports facilities such as hiking trails connected to the venue in Bijia Mountain?


Reply: Yes. For details, please refer to the attached figure below and the aerial photos in this supplement.


11. Attached Figure 5-2 of the Design Brief, in the Kuichong Central District planning research structure analysis diagram, are there any urban design guidelines for the public vitality axis and the comprehensive commercial area?


Reply: Please refer to the attached figure below for specific content


12. Can the podium height limit be broken? Can the height restriction zone of the tower be moved?


Reply: The height limit area of the podium cannot be broken through. The height limit area of the towers can be moved, but the principle of maximizing the spacing between the towers must be maintained. The participating teams can make appropriate adjustments according to the specific design and give sufficient reasons.


13. Do the three project users have independent occupation or occupation requirements?


Reply: The participating joint teams can reasonably allocate the land area according to the relevant needs of the three project users. For special requirements, please refer to “4 Design content and requirements” in the Competition Design Brief at the Brief Proposal Submission Stage in Annex 2.


14. In the design requirements for the Traffic Police Brigade barracks, each room indicator only has area, but no room name..


Rely: This part can be set according to the functional requirements of the business premises in the specification.


15. During design, whether the red-filled area shown in the figure below can level the terrain, that is, push down the mountains in the area to facilitate the use of this area.


Reply: Yes, but it is not encouraged from the perspective of reducing civil work to protect the environment.


16. In the double-circle area southeast of the project site, is it ok to detail the locations of exits and entrances for people and should we reserve roadways? Is it feasible for the building (corridors and roof) to pass overhead the above mentioned area.


Reply: No, this area is building prohibited.


17. As per the planning, that the East Ring Road is to be located north of the site, could you please clarify the designed elevation of the road? And confirm if it is raised, leveled or tunneled to pass through the area and if it is necessary to reserve exits and entrances to East Ring Road in the north of the site.


Reply: No, as the road passes through the area as a tunnel, with the designed elevation of 50-54m.


18. Can you provide CAD drawings of a wider range of sites and contours?


Reply: No other CAD drawings are provided for the competition at this stage.


19. The topography of the site is mountainous. Is it affected by the risk of geological disasters? Is it affected by mountain flooding?


Reply: For details, please refer to the 1.4 site conditions in the Competition Design Brief at the Brief Proposal Submission Stage in Annex 2.


20. Is there any requirement for the sensitive area of steep slope in Figure 2-2 of the design brief?


Reply: Heavy excavation is not encouraged so as to reduce civil works and protect the environment; the detailed design shall be comprehensively considered by the design team based on the site condition and design brief.


21. According to the regulations on the visual corridor in article of Shenzhen Urban Design and Architecture Standards and Guideline, ”a visual corridor vertical to the landscape areas shall be constructed every 75 meters or less; and the corridor part 24m or more above the ground shall be of no less than 25m wide and the part less than 24m above the ground shall be no less than 15m wide. ” Please let us know whether it’s possible to adjust the number and location of the visual corridor in the space control guide according to the specification?


Reply: The number of visual corridors shall be guaranteed, but the locations are open for adjustment to ensure the continuity of mountain-and-sea landscapes of Dapeng area.


22. Can you provide the altitude of the two mountain packs at the entrance to the sea on the south side of the city?


Reply: 215 meters, 150 meters. See the figure below for details.


23. What is the main purpose of the training field in the yellow area in the figure below?


Reply: It is a special training ground or sports facility construction site for the Public Security Bureau. The specific design can be adjusted by the participating joint team according to the design plan and site conditions.


24. Can a football field be arranged outside the scope of construction and the scope of the red line?


Reply: Can be considered outside the scope of construction. The area outside the red line is beyond the land use range and cannot be set.


25. Can the number of some sports facilities be increased or decreased?


Reply: Yes. The participating teams can reasonably design according to the specific plan.

上图橙线影响区(Affected area)范围内山体,可否开放绿道给市民,用以连通左侧山水公园?

26. For the mountains within the area affected by the orange line in the picture above, can greenways be opened to the public to connect to the landscape park on the left?


Reply: Yes.


27. In order to reduce civil work output, can part of the basement parking be changed to above-ground parking garage? If it is changed to above-ground parking garage, is its area included in the capacity area?


Reply: Yes, it is not included in the capacity area.


28. Attached Figure 2-2 space control guidelines: Whether the mountain view gallery passage can be adjusted according to the design;


Reply: Yes.


29. The blue block in the attached figure 2-2 space control guidelines: whether position range of the tower can be adjusted according to the design;


Reply: Yes, and the design ideas need to be explained.


30. Figure 2-3: Whether the pedestrian entrance and vehicle entrance in the traffic flow guide diagram can be adjusted;


Reply: Yes, and the design ideas need to be explained.


31. This project part has 3 major functions. Should the entrances and exits for people be separated individually? Or should they be built as a public space as a whole, and can they be integrated with the plaza? In relation to the design of the basement, should the functional blocks be independent or fully integrated?


Reply: They should be independent but also interconnected. The basement can be designed as a whole, while the functions can be relatively independent.


32. In other supporting facilities, are indoor swimming pools, indoor table tennis halls, indoor badminton halls and other functional rooms included in the total construction area, and are they involved in the calculation of floor area ratio? Are the overall sports facilities supporting the city? Does it need to be open to the general public? Land conditions are limited, is it necessary to build a football field?


Reply: The area of other supporting facilities shall be determined according to the topographical design, and shall not be included in the total construction area temporarily. It is a city supporting facility and is temporarily closed to citizens. Whether the football field is set up can be decided by the participating joint team according to the on-site conditions.


33. In the statutory plan for 401-01 Kuichong Central Area, Longgang District, Shenzhen, a ring road will be built north of the site passing through the mountains, will it be a tunnel or just on the ground? Can you help provide any technical drawings about the road?


Reply: It will be a tunnel, with a height of 50 to 54 meters. The technical drawings will not be provided for now.


34. In the task book, it is mentioned many times that “the design should highlight regional characteristics, explore contemporary Lingnan architectural construction”, “architectural features: Lingnan green low-carbon buildings”, do these requirements mean that the Lingnan style must be expressed in the architectural image, or is it enough to express the connotation of Lingnan architecture in space construction, such as arcades?


Reply: Lingnan architecture is an exploration of modern architecture formed in response to the local climate in South China. Its architectural image is determined by the specific shading, ventilation, and heat insulation measures of the building, and it does not necessarily appear as an arcade or a certain fixed style.


35. Is it possible to provide the natural landscape resources (including trees, etc.) that need to be protected in the site (especially within the scope of construction)?


Reply: The site is mainly mountainous and has good green resources. The participating joint teams need to consider low-impact design methods to minimize damage to the site and existing vegetation.


36. Can the non-construction area in the site be open to citizens as public green space in the city?


Reply: Can be considered. The final decision is based on government management requirements.


37. In the Design Brief about the traffic police barracks, there is a requirement of 99 rooms for business use. What is the purpose of the room?


Reply: Room for business functions.


38. The functional part of the traffic police barracks in the Design Brief requires that the number of restaurants is 111. Is it the number of seats?


Reply: Corrected here to the number of diners (111 person).


39. What is the sensitive area of steep slope on page 18 of the assignment book? Is there any requirement? Can it be built?


Reply: This is an area with a large slope, and the design needs to consider the civil work output and the difficulty of construction. Can be built.


40. Can buildings with various functional attributes of the project be built within the high-pressure gas pipeline affected area in the restricted construction area?


Reply: Not recommended for construction.


41. What are the unfavorable factors surrounding the venue? Is there any industrial noise impact on the east side of the site?


Reply: For details, please refer to the 1.4 site conditions in the Competition Design Brief at the Brief Proposal Submission Stage in Annex 2. No industrial noise.


42. The description of the building height limit in the planning and design conditions: “It is mainly spread out in a horizontal form of 30-40 meters high, with local towers (the height of the easternmost tower can reach 100 meters, and the rest of the west and middle sections have small towers controlled by 60-80 meters respectively)”, must this requirement be complied with?


Reply: The height limit area of the podium cannot be broken through. The height limit area of the towers can be moved, but the principle of maximizing the spacing between the towers must be maintained. The participating teams can make appropriate adjustments according to the specific design and give sufficient reasons.


43. Can the parking lot be solved by parking in a parking building or a nearby plot?


Reply: It can be solved by a parking building, and there is no shared parking lot nearby.


44. The prohibited construction area in the site has two obvious circular areas. Are there any objects at the center of these two circles that may cause danger? Can you clarify what it is?


Reply: No dangerous objects, and the circular area is a non-construction area.


45. Does the city on the south side of the site have a plan for renewal?


Reply: There is an update plan. For details, please refer to the attached figure below. The version of the attached figure is the version on May 29, 2020.


46. Can the training ground be opened to the public in time periods?


Reply: The training ground is exclusively for public security and is not open to the public.


47. Do the government departments on the east side of the site need to be demolished and rebuilt?


Reply: Not to be dismantled temporarily.


48. There are many high-voltage lines in the mountains on the north side of the site. Can hiking trails be planned?


Reply: Yes.


49. Can a more detailed site planning plan be provided at present.


Reply: The project land is located in plots 09-06 and 09-07 of the statutory plans of Area 401-01 [Kuichong Central District] in Longgang (currently the statutory plans are being adjusted and are to be adjusted for public management and service facilities)


50. Regarding the PDF and editable WORD format mentioned in 6.3, can it be understood that the design text is PDF and the business data is editable WORD format?


Reply: Yes.


FuturePlus Academy


March 30, 2021

※ 主办方对本次国际竞赛规则拥有最终解释权,解释语言以中文为准。

※ The host reserves the right for the interpretation of the Competition Document, with the language of interpretation subjected to Chinese.