答疑补遗 2 |大鹏公共事务中心(暂定名)概念方案设计竞赛


Competition for Conceptual Design of Dapeng Public Affairs Center (tentative name)


Supplementary and Q&A Document (2)

1 竞赛日程安排修改如下:

The competition agenda is revised as follows:

阶段Stage 时间Time 事项Item
入围简案阶段 Brief Scheme submission stage 2021.03.18 (暂定/Tentative) 发布竞赛公告及接受报名 Release Competition Announcement and accept registration
2021.03.25(17:00前/Before 17:00) (暂定/Tentative) 质疑截止 Query Deadline
2021.03.29(17:00前/Before 17:00) (暂定/Tentative) 答疑及补遗发布 Clarification, Amendment and Answering Period Deadline
2021.04.13(17:00前/Before 17:00) (暂定/Tentative) 文件提交截止 Deadline of competition document submission
2021.04.14-04.19 (暂定/Tentative) 竞赛评审会(简案暗标)及结果公示 Competition review (closed bid) and result publicity
概念方案阶段 Conceptual design stage 2021.04.25 (暂定/Tentative) 发布正式竞赛文件及设计任务书 Release Official Competition Document and Design Brief
2021.04.27 (暂定/Tentative) 踏勘答疑会(组织形式另行通知) Site Survey and Q & A Meeting (form to be notified)
2021.04.30 (暂定/Tentative) 质疑截止(电子邮件形式) Query Deadline (via Email)
2021.05.07 (暂定/Tentative) 书面答疑(电子邮件形式) Clarification Period Deadline (via Email)
2021.06.05(15:00前/Before 15:00) (暂定/Tentative) 入围联合团队递交成果文件 Design Competition deliverables submission Deadline
2021.06.06-06.10 (暂定/Tentative) 方案评审(暗标)及结果公示 Scheme review (closed bid) and result publicity
审定及优化阶段 Determination and optimization stage 2021.06 (待定/Tentative) 审定方案及结果公示 Notice of scheme development review result
2021.06 (待定/Tentative) 方案优化 Scheme optimization

2 受邀设计机构及其联合团队成员名单如下:

The list of invited design agencies and their joint team members is as follows:

序号 No. 受邀设计机构名称 Invited Design Agencies 联合团队成员名称 Joint Team Members
1 hpp建筑事务所 深圳市零米建筑设计有限公司
2 Baumschlager Eberle Hong Kong Limited 深圳汤桦建筑设计事务所有限公司
3 嘉柏建筑师有限公司 深圳华森建筑与工程设计顾问有限公司

3 大鹏金岭路国际竞赛场地模型 SITE 3D MODEL



Two types of site and surrounding building information models in dae and obj formats are provided, see the Appendix for details.

The model content includes: spatial schematic blocks in the site (can be adjusted according to the specific plan), surrounding buildings, and urban renewal on the south side of the site.

4 大鹏金岭路国际竞赛沙盘实体模型展示 SITE PYSICAL MODEL


A physical model or sandbox developed by FuturePlus is provided for teams to understand the relationship between the urban space volumes around the site.

附件 Appendix:


提取码 PASSWORD: n8ao


FuturePlus Academy


April 2, 2021

※ 主办方对本次国际竞赛规则拥有最终解释权,解释语言以中文为准。

※ The host reserves the right for the interpretation of the Competition Document, with the language of interpretation subjected to Chinese.