Our Vision


未来 + 学院是一所面向中国城乡问题,融研究、教学与实践于一体的非正规学院。学院应用批判思维、设计思维和系统思维,探索村城营造——一种适用乡村与城市的规划建设方法,系统提升城乡品质。未来+在创新教育同时,还以“空间智库”方式介入实践,以“栖居实验室”负责研发。目前研发产品和工具包括六维资源/影响评估、六维城市互动智能模型、六维村城营造课程。未来 + 学院学员对象主要为愿意摆脱惯性思维和路径依赖、致力于提升栖居品质的人,包括学生、专业者、管理者和爱好者。

FuturePlus is a informal academy that integrates R&D, Education, and Practice in China's urban and rural areas. FuturePlus applies critical thinking, design thinking and systematic thinking to explore RURAL-URBANISM, an alternative method of rural and urban planning and construction, and systematically improving urban and rural quality. FuturePlus is not only work as an education innovation academy, it also involves “Space Think Tank” approach to practice, and “Habitat Lab” is responsible for research and development. Current R&D products and tools include 6 Dimension Resource/Impact assessment, 6 Dimension City Interactive Intelligent Model, and 6 Dimension RURAL-URBANISM course. Students in FuturePlus Academy are mainly those who are willing to get rid of inertial thinking and path dependence and are committed to improving the quality of habitat, including students, professionals, governors and enthusiasts.


Weiwen Huang